Basket of Joy

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Our little baby girl with the crazy hair. She was born with hair, but mostly at her crown so now she’s got this long chunk of hair in the back that looks like a bad comb-over. The front part of her hair that’s growing in sticks straight up and curls back regardless of what we do to it. But you want to know the truth? I love her crazy hair. And her sausage link arms. And the way the tops of her ears stick out like an elf.

I love her gummy jelly bean smile. And how her eyes light up and she gets all chatty and tries to sing with me when I sing her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Her baby fat rolls are the best I’ve ever seen, but they pale in comparison to how cute her little tushie is. Let me tell you, it is baby perfection.

She screeches, coos, and sings herself to sleep and will shove my fingers into her mouth as fast as she can to gnaw on my knuckles. She’ll lick my arms, shoulder, knees and neck if she can get her mouth on it. She laughs the most for Daddy and I love hearing the two of them laughing together in the other room.

She absolutely loves bath time and will kick and splash to her hearts content. She doesn’t like getting dressed because that usually means we have to pull something on over her head and she’s not a fan of that. And Ellie, I’m sorry Daddy put your onesie on you backwards yesterday and it took me all day to figure it out. I wondered why you looked weird and why the buttons snapped differently from all your other ones.

Not five minutes into our shoot, she was over it. :) We love you, baby!


  1. jeannine said:

    aww sarah, she’s cuter and cuter each time you post :)

  2. manon said:

    aww that was so cute. It almost made me cry. I thing the third picture would be great as a canvas. she is just so cute.

  3. CT said:

    So cute!! I love how her bunny is a recurring character in your photo shoots of Ellie. Like an old friend. :) Ha ha… backwards onesies.

  4. Lara said:

    So cute, Sarah! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. I love her hair too. :)

  5. Jeret Slack said:

    she is so cute. I love her hair.

  6. Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said:

    She is absolutely, deliciously, adorable!

  7. Yuka photo art said:

    You love your cute girl so much! Amazing pictures of her!!!

  8. Jennifer Quen said:

    Aww! Ellie is so sweet. She is growing up so fast, too!

  9. nanette said:

    Ellie is so edible! I’d like to NOM her, please. NOMNOMNOM.

    Her sausage arms would go so well with Em’s croissant arms.

  10. Vanessa - V3 Weddings + Events said:

    Look at those cheeks! What a doll, she is TOTALLY perfection!!!

  11. caroline said:

    she is sooooo adorable!

  12. jdubkong said:

    oh my gosh, remember when bunny was so much larger than Ellie? they’re the same size now!

    i love her chubby little arms.

  13. michelle cunningham said:

    it’s not like you needed more than 5 minutes to get awesome shots of this sassy, hair-trend-setting child.

  14. Amber said:

    she is sooo adorable!!! i absolutely LOVE the hair and baby rolls are to DIE for!

  15. shannon said:

    oh my god sarah, she’s getting so big and SO stinkin cute!!

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