Cynthia + Ron

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Their smiles could cure world hunger, they are so genuine and unabashedly joyful. I love it. And I loved photographing their joy, love, and tears as Cynthia and Ron became husband and wife. They married at the Craven’s Estate in Pasadena.

Cynthia’s gorgeous beaded lace gown.

Their wedding bands.

And all three rings.

Amanda and her team not only coordinated the event, but they did all the florals as well! Amazing! Check out these bouquets!

Cynthia looking absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.

Cynthia and Ron opted to do a first look and they had the best reactions ever!

How great is this next shot? I love these two together!

So sweet!

Don’t you love Cynthia’s red Luichiny pumps?

We then took some portraits of the super lovely couple around the Craven’s Estate.

Love this next one!

Then the rest of the girls came out to play!

A big thank you to Kim Le for shooting with me at Cynthia and Ron’s wedding. She captured these next two shots!

And you know how I’m always making my couples lie on the ground? Well, it was my turn to lie on the ground.

I have to say that the girls WAY out jumped the guys!

How cute is this? Cynthia sneaking a peek at her groom during a acoustic solo sung by a friend.

The magnificent Craven’s Estate.

Hello engagement ring. Meet wedding band. You two look great together!

More of the modern and elegant florals that In the Now put together for the reception tables.

Cynthia and Ron wanted a group shot with all of their wedding guests. It took a bit of squeezing, but here they all are!

The sun played peek a boo most of the day, but we got some sweet light towards sunset and so we snuck off for a few minutes to take a few more portraits. And I’m so glad Cynthia and Ron were willing to do this! Love these next images so so so much!

And just so you know how caring and sweet these two are, during the reception while the vendors were eating dinner, Cynthia came to us to ask if we were ok and whether or not we needed anything. And then, she came back with a floral arrangement and put it on our table so that we could have a little cheer with our meal. So sweet!

Thank you Cynthia and Ron for treating me as a friend and for being such good people. We love you guys and wish you all the best that love and life have to offer.


  1. connieMchung said:

    awww. that really was sweet of her. awesome picstures, sarah! :)

  2. Yuka photo art said:

    I love her shoes! That group photograph is amazing!

  3. Jasmine* said:

    Fabbbbbulous, my friend! :)

  4. caroline tran said:

    sarah, these are beautiful!!! this whole set is so wonderful! you rocked this wedding!

  5. Cynthia said:

    Oh Sarah… thank you so much for photographing our wedding and for being so awesome at what you do. Please thank Jeff and Kim for us, as well. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! Can’t wait to see the rest, but I know art takes time. :)

  6. JoAnna said:

    Fabulous!!!! Amazing job :-)

  7. The Professional Bridesmaid said:

    beautiful! the venue looks amazing…must have been a dream to photograph. would love to know where the bridesmaid dresses came from.

  8. Jeret Slack said:

    Love these Sarah… Really like the group shot very fun…

  9. Sally said:

    LOVE them!!! What an amazing day, captured well.

  10. Joan Solitario said:

    You’re right! They are sweet!!! Beautiful photos!!

  11. David of DavidHam said:

    Gorgeous! Wonderful job as always Sarah.

  12. Tammi L. said:

    absofrickinglutely beautiful! =)

  13. Amanda Auer said:

    The bridesmaid dresses were made for the occasion. They are fabulous. This wedding was all things fabulous! I LOVE THEM! You are the best. :)

  14. Jennifer said:


  15. Kayla said:

    These are so perfect! Love them!

  16. Crystaalball said:

    Just amazing pictures Sarah!!!!!! I’m getting so excited for my wedding now!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  17. Black Cat White Cat Photography said:

    These are sooo beautiful! I am happy to find a photographer who naturally takes as many portrait oriented pictures as I do :)

  18. Hanssie Trainor said:

    Hi Sarah,

    Great shots. I loooooove ring shots and details.
    Your name came up quite a few times at out SoCal Photog Shootout so I thought I’d come over and check you out. Great work.

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