we’re in trouble

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Poor Ellie is sick! She ran a fever this past weekend and every attempt on our part to get her to take Infant Tylenol resulted in her projectile vomiting everything in her stomach. The little girl just does not like her medicine. We took her to the pediatrician on Monday and she has strep throat. :( Her fever broke that evening, but then she woke up with Roseola (fever rash) the following morning. We were given Amoxicillin, but every attempt to get that into Ellie resulted in more projectile vomiting. Seriously, just a little taste and she’d gag and empty her stomach in 60 seconds flat.  So yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of laundry this week. We’ve tried the dropper, the syringe, giving it a little at a time, in between her cheeks and gums, mixed with milk in a bottle, distracting her, pretending it’s something yummy. All have been epic FAILS.

I took her back to the pediatrician’s office Wednesday and was given a stronger medicine so that she’d have to take less medicine, once a day for five days rather than the larger dose twice daily for 10 days. The first day I had success when mixing it with her rice cereal. Hallelujah! The following day she only ate half. Today she only took two bites. My little girl, she’s out smarting me already. I’m doomed.


  1. Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride said:

    Aww - poor girl! Both of you. =)

  2. Kayleen T. said:

    She’s so cute, hope she feels better soon! Amoxicillin had the same effect on my daughter, she could never keep it down.

  3. CT said:

    Only the super cute ones can get away w/it… that’s her secret. :) That, and her cunning brilliance.

  4. Ellyn said:

    I feel your pain, Sarah. Ella is sick, too, and we experienced her first projectile vomit a few days ago. Of course it happened this week… my first week back to work. Epic sigh. Hope you’re well!

  5. janie said:

    Poor Ellie. I hope she’ll feel better soon :( I know how you feel as “parent,” not baby baby yet, but my furry baby is sick …. and I feel you. :(

    A little hump and she’ll be back to her normal cute self!

  6. Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said:

    oh no! get well soon, ellie!!

  7. Sam Kim said:

    Poor Ellie, but poor you guys!!! As you have already found out, kids are pretty smart when it comes to rejecting their meds. I think the best way to trick them is to continue mixing up the carriers for the meds, preferably sweet items (i.e. waffles with syrup, banana mash, etc). Just be patient and vigilant since the most important thing is to make sure that the meds stay down. Hope everything works out!

  8. Laurie said:

    Awwww…hang in there.

    I was the same way. I learned how to swallow pills at 4 years of age because I hated the taste of the medicine so much.

  9. Adrienne Gunde said:

    I hope she feels better soon! :( It was so good meeting the three of you the other day. I am still in awe of how amazingly sweet & adorable Ellie was, especially when feeling so under the weather! Hope to see you all again soon!

  10. C.J. Scott said:

    Poor little thing! I hope that she’s feeling better!

  11. gina said:

    get well soon, ellie! cute picture, cute baby!

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